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Stress Leave Me!

You Probably know by now that stress is the number one killer in the world, and a pre-curser to most chronic illness.

But did you know that Stress is a frequency that runs in the body - generated in the mind by thought - causing all sorts of trouble for your physical body.

Now we dont want to turn the stress signal off completely. Our in built "fight or flight" indicator is a vital component for environmental survival. A little stress is a good thing as it keeps us safe - alerting us to danger in our every day physical life. But too much stress overloads the system, shuts down all the other vital systems such as digestion, circulation, repiratory, and most important of all, your immune system - and thats when all the trouble begins

So what if we could just turn that stress signal down a little..

Well.. .. Let me introduce you to a little song caled Stress Leaves...

This blend has been one of the most popular in the collection because the herbal harmonic induces a powerful relaxing overtone for mind and body.

Herbs are incredible... really...... they are! You will hear the phrase "Natures Medicine" bandied around quite a bit these days, as everyone seems to be waking up to this rather obvious wisdom. Herbs and all living, growing things have unique properties that align with our bodies organical composition. They are specificially designed by nature to correspond with all parts of our biological, emotional, mental and energy systems.

The Stress Leaves Herbal Harmonic utilises the alchmical properties in this powerful combination of herbs to relax the entire physical spectrum from the inside out. From your bones, to your organs and facia, into your sinews and muscles - right into to your skin.

Once the body begins to relax, a second level of deep relaxation is experienced as powerful endorphins from the brain are released and bliss floods the body/mind system, inducing an incredible feeling of relaxation, bliss, wellbeing - even sleep.

And this all happens really fast. As soon as the tea interacts with your salivary glands, the harmonic goes to work for you - sending signals to the brain to get to work, creating powerful

chemicals that override the stress frequency.

One of my three sons was drinking this tea on our back deck one day, with some of his friends (a group of teenage boys drinking herbal tea, it still makes me smile) and one of the boys said "MaYanya, what's in this tea!!! Is it even Legal?" They were draped on the lounge as though their bodies had become fluid and all had dreamy, happy smiles on their faces. Those boys still get their tea from me!

So if you need to give yourself a bit of a break from that crazy stress signal and re-set your system, this is the blend for you. Some people also find it useful for sleep, and my son Joel uses it combined with Painless and swears that he feels no pain, relaxes deeply and heals quickly.

The result of a cup of Stress Leaves Tea? That blissed out, dreamy feeling of "all is well in my world"

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