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The Official Owner Of MaYanya 's Tea Herbal Harmonic Blends

Thanks for taking the time to meet me so that I can tell you how these beautiful Herbal Harmonic Blends were birthed.  

First a bit of background on me.  For as long as I can remember, my life has been one in pursuit of the higher lessons of esoteric mysticism and spiritual enlightenment, and I am a well-seasoned student and teacher of Zen Buddhism and Tantra

My Journey Story

For more than 30 years I have had a busy Practice in SACRED PSYCHOLOGY which involves a combination of high-level intuitive ability, integrated spiritual wisdom, and energetic healing.  I have the ability to see and deconstruct the intricate patterns that are woven through the physical, mental and emotional bodies of an individual and I also work with an innate understanding of the “light body” (the energy fields both within and outside of the human body).  The results of this energetic work often enable physical rejuvenation and spontaneous physical healings.  

About 7 years ago, a friend opened a herb shop on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia where I have lived for nearly 30 years now.  She asked if I’d like to work with her, as she is also an energy healer, and of course, I jumped at the chance.  I felt that it was time to expand my knowledge of all things natural, it was almost as if the planetary voice was calling me:  it seemed the perfect opportunity. 

Little did I know, that the herbs themselves had plans for me, and as soon as I walked into that shop on the first day, with over 200 individual herbs lining the walls, the magic started to happen.  I could ” feel” them talking to me; actually, I felt such a huge wave of joy that I spontaneously burst into tears….., and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship that gets stronger and clearer every day.

Over the next 7 years, I established a very direct energetic communication with “natures voice”.  She taught me about the ancient alchemy of herbal harmonics, how to layer in the different “notes” which represented each herb, to create a harmonic overtone that aligned to the energy of the body - bringing back harmony and homeostasis – naturally.

Whilst working at the herb shop, I was also working at The Golden Door, Elysia - The World-Class Wellness retreat in the Hunter Valley of NSW (voted #1 Wellness Retreat in Oceana in 2019) as one of their wellness practitioners.    When the Head Chef and General Manager heard about the teas (which I was using in my healing sessions)  they insisted they be integrated into the retreat’s 7-day wellness program, and since 2014 have been a vital ingredient utilized by guests on their wellness journeys, served in their rooms and integrated into the menu within the restaurants as a 7-day bio-rhythm: Utilizing all the blends to assist with detoxing, cellular rejuvenation, pain and stress relief, reprogramming disturbed sleep patterns, providing vital nutrients and mineral rebalancing; hormonal and brain health, anti-inflammatory alternatives and cleansing for digestive and blood, amongst other things.  

The Golden Door was recently bought out by the Minor Hotel Group and is now known as The Elysia Wellness Retreat.  They have retained the teas and continue to serve them throughout the resort where they are also available for sale in their boutique, and their online store.  I was even asked to orchestrate a signature blend for them.  What a treat!

It was always a pleasure to host a weekly tea ceremony for guests, introducing them to the herbal harmonics and guiding them into a deeper understanding of their innate connection to the planetary voice. Guests were often amazed at the instant energetic connections and insights they received “on the spot” abut their own healing and their body’s innate wisdom.  This is one of my greatest joys – to be able to reconnect people into their body’s own wisdom and amazing ability to heal itself once the Immune system comes back on-line.   Just a bit of tweaking with the herbal harmonics and it’s an automatic process.

I live by the beach at beautiful Bateau Bay on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia, with 2 cats and the youngest of my three children… He will be the last “man-child” to leave home.  I juggle private sessions, writing, teaching, hosting cosmic tea parties, and developing a platform for my vibrational art to be viewed and “worn”.   Daily yoga and meditation keep me balanced and healthy, and early morning dips in the ocean complete a beautiful life.  

Just for the record, I drink these blends every day.  My favourite is called Just Breathe, which is my Zulu Grand Mother’s recipe (with a bit of a tweak) – given to me to drink throughout my childhood, and given as a tonic to my own children when they were coming down with a cold, or flu.  It cleanses and oxygenates the blood, detoxifies the bronchial and mucosal system and is great to clear congestion in the bronchial tract.  My eldest son has asthma, and he has thrived on it.  He takes bags of it away – sometimes I am sure he’s bathing in it!

But more than that…THEY TASTE GREAT!  They are like no other herbal tea on the market – perfectly balanced in flavour.  A couple of them can be taken as iced teas (In Sinc and Blessence work wonders over ice with fresh ginger and mint added).

I only use Organic or Wild Crafted herbs – sourced from all over our beautiful planet.

I hope you love them as much as I do.  Once the body hears this music, it keeps coming back for more.


HERBAL HARMONICS – Tuning you Instrument, a sip at a time.

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