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Radiant Health

Hmmmm... so what does that mean exactly!!

Radiant Health. I don't think it has anything to do with how thin you are, how much money you make, how many likes you have on instagram or facebook.

I don't think it has anything to do with how many pairs of designer jeans or shoes you have in your walk-in wardrobe; or your postcode..... or how many people have commented on your new outfit..... or the complIments you just got for completing your last work project.

All that stuff is here today - gone tomorrow. And if Radiant Health came and went as fast as all that STUFF we'd all be in serious trouble.

So it has got to be about something more than all of that. It has to be something that you wake up with every monring, and go to sleep in every night. It has got to be about feeling balanced and "right" in your skin. It has got to be about how well you know yourself... how deep your relationship is with yourself.

Surely, it has everything to do with HOW YOUR ARE FEELING!

And sure, the way you feel each day will fluctuate with your emotions. Some days you wake up feeling as though the world is your playground... excited... vibrant and alive... you just know that you are going to have the best day ever, before your feet hit the floor!

Other days, before you have even come fully awake in your bed in the morning - it's as though your eyes just don't want to open -your body feels heavy; if only you could just roll over and go back to sleep.... just ten more minutes.....

Authentic Radiant Health is about that inner light... that mystical, magical "something" that we all know we have, but is not often spoken about.

It's about your whole being coming into balance. Mind, Body, and what some call "spirit" but what I call "Energy". Your energy body. Let's face it, it's your energy body that often seems to be running low, or running high. It's as though we all just want to get a bit more enrgy running through the system.... to get through the day...... to cope with the kids..... to make it to the gym.... to feel relaxed and expansive..... to be connected to the mystery... the magic of being alive.

To do that, we have to take the whole system into consideration. Let's start with the physical body; we have to cleanse it of toxins by de-fragging the bowel. Let's just start there.

How about the mind.... we have to enable the brain to release the "bliss hormones" that flood the blood stream, giving us a natural, expansive sense of wellbeing.

And how about the energy body.... well, we just have to get those first two into harmony and the energy body follows.

RADIANT HEALTH is a herbal harmonic blend that starts to bring things into alignment for the 3 parts of your physical experience:

A gentle de-tox...

A relaxed mind...

A more energised system....

A return to your natural state of being....... Radiant Health.

And it tastes Great!

Currently served at the Elysia Retreat, Pokolbin (formerly Golden Door ) in the Hunter valley, as their signature tea, you can now get it directly from me, here at


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