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Just Breathe

Seems like a good place to start...

This beautiful harmonic blend is one of the mainstays for my family's health.

Raising three active young boys (now beautifully grown into young men) this harmonic was the beginning of it all for me. My Zulu grandmother (on my mothers side) gave the base recipe to my mum as a child, and as children, my two brothers and I were raised on it. We called it Mootea and we were dosed with it for fevers, coughs and colds, flu-like symptoms, headaches, or just for a soothing cup of something warm - laced with organic honey - on a winters day.

As natures voice began to give me the recipes for the higher harmonics, this base harmonic of four ingredients became an amplification of ten; lifting it to work deeply through the bronchial tract, shifting mucous and phlegm through the entire system - either through the bowel, or by coughing it up. It can be quite intense to begin with, as things begin to move, but as you will see, the clearing it brings to those who suffer with ashma, allergies or bronchial problems is a huge relief.

This is the perfect blend to use at the onset of a cold, or at the first sign of flu-like symptoms. It's a very strong blood purifier so flushes out toxins, and it works deeply to clear the bronchial tract. Serve warm with a little honey to assist with fighting infection, and at the first sign of a sore throat make a brew, cool it and add a queeze of lemon juice for a gargle. You won't believe what it brings up!

For daily use in my family, this is the one to reach for. Fresh, lightly spicy and warming it's perfect for any time of the day. For a stronger brew, add a handfull to a saucepan of water and bring to the boil - then simmer for five minutes. It will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days but it probably won't last that long - it's soooo delicious!

And last, but certainally not least, if youre a smoker, doing something good for your body to counterract the chemical input of toxins is vital for your health and wellbeing. Use Just Breathe to help the lungs and gut flush out the nasties and strengthen the bronchial tract.

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