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Even the Gods are Uplifted!


I’d like to introduce you to a little tune called “UPLIFT”

All organic ingredients include” Calendula, Ginger root, Hibiscus Rosella, Lemongrass and Peppermint.

Add a heaped teaspoon to a 2-3 cup pot, or just use an infuser in your cup - you can use the leaves up to 3 times…. A little goes a long way!

Your can drink it hot, or cold. It’s my go-to summer iced tea. Today I added some fresh pomegranate seeds, as well as a squeeze of lime – DELICIOUS! Add ice and you have an Uplifting Blend that will stimulate your nervous system, cleanse your blood and energise your entire system.

Take some time out and have some tea in the garden. Just listen to natures voice, and tune into your own beautiful self. Let the healing begin.

I have a beautiful young lady living with me, Lucy, who brings with her, the soft lilt of the Portugese language, and today I learned a new word, as we sat in the garden together and drank this beautiful, uplifting blend. It's Saude (pronounced "Sow Aahh Day" and means "Cheers", as well as "Health"

So SAUDE to you all,

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